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Bubble Mama 40oz Tumbler

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*Please note this does not have texture. Bubble appearance is a design technique.*

Electrify your daily routine with this bold 40 oz tumbler, a true statement piece for the mom with a spark of wildness and a heart full of love. Encased in a playful pink leopard print, it's a trendy nod to the fierce mama who's not afraid to stand out in the urban jungle. The design is anchored by a striking 3D "MAMA" badge, complete with an edgy lightning bolt zapping through the letters, representing the electric energy of motherhood. This tumbler is not just a way to stay hydrated; it's an accessory that celebrates her vibrant spirit. It's perfect for keeping her morning latte steamy or her water ice-cold during those non-stop days. A fun, fashionable, and fabulously functional gift that says, "Yes, I'm a mom, and I rock it with style."

40 oz
Stainless Steel
Includes Straw