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Nico Earrings

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Both of the Wildly Her owners are obsessed with these chain earrings! The perfect earring to put in any of your ear-piercing holes. Alli (one of the owners) loves wearing this in her second hole with a simple hoop in her first hole. 
  • Approx. 1.5" in length
  • 14K Gold plated
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly (Like, these truly don't make your skin freak out. Trust us!)
  • Matte Finish

Katie says, "These earrings are so lightweight and cute. They pair perfectly with any outfit. The backs are connected to the earring, which creates the loop. I am very excited they are hypoallergenic! My ears have become very sensitive to other earrings, so I am excited to be able to wear these all day and know my ears won't hurt at the end of the day."