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Surviving Motherhood 40oz Tumbler

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This 40 oz tumbler is for the mom with a love for florals and a sense of humor as strong as her coffee. Adorned with a timeless array of blue blooms and fluttering butterflies, it evokes the grace and beauty of a peaceful garden. But it’s not all delicate charm; the bold statement "Surviving Motherhood one MARTINI at a time" gives it a playful edge, acknowledging the spirited balance of mom life. It's perfect for those who appreciate the cocktail of joys and challenges that parenting pours out. Whether it’s for a hot drink to warm up the morning hustle or a cold one to relax at the end of the day, this tumbler is a toast to mothers everywhere, combining elegance with a wink of rebellion. Cheers to the moms who navigate life with both poise and spunk – may your drinks be as strong and cool as your will through every spill, thrill, and still moment in between.

40 oz
Stainless Steel
Includes Straw